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Geolocation seems not to work


Hi there,

I'm working for a German retailer with several hundret POS' in Germany and I want to use the location feature to create segments.

Unfortunately, the following segment building criteria result in an estimated audience of 0 (zero). Instead it should be several thousands.


Stupid question: How does Urban Airship know the location of my users? Is there anything I have to activiate or to brief the development team to build, so that UA knows where my users are?

Kind regards,

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Hi Attila,

Thanks for getting in touch with your support request.

It looks like you're using our free starter edition? (If that's not the case, please reply to this email with your App Key or username to expedite a support response.) As noted during your sign-up process, for free customers we offer self-service support only.

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Thank You,
-The Urban Airship Technical Support Team

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