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API to list activity log


I'm using PHP with CURL to send push notification to android and ios devices for more than hundred apps. Now I want to list activity logs like Airship panel but could not find any suitable API like we use for push '/api/push' and for list schedule 'api/schedules' so could anyone please suggest api name to list activity log? or any alternative solution for this?

Thank you

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Hi Bhaskar,

Thanks for contacting Airship. My name is Chilun from Technical Support here at Airship and I would be happy to help with this.

To answer your question, it's not possible to obtain output in exactly the same way what you would see in the Airship panel. May I ask what you are trying to achieve with the list of activity logs and can you provide me examples of the cURL commands you are executing with your PHP + cURL setup?

Kind regards,
Chilun Liu
Senior Technical Support Engineer

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Hi Chilun,

We are using PHP with CURL to send notification using '/api/push' API and list schedule using 'api/schedules' API.
Now we want to show list of activity logs but we could not find any API for that. So could you tell us that does Airship provides any such API to list activity logs? If possible then please tell us about API name.

In activity logs, we want to show these fields.
1. Message text
2. Channels name
3. Audience
4. Delivery time
5. Web Sends
6. Web Clicks

Thank you

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