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Send a Custom Event right away


We are tracking when a user enter a region using Beacons, once we detect a beacon, we send an event to Urban Airship which triggers an Automated Message.

I have two problems:

 1 - The custom message is not immediately sent. Even when calling :


It takes 10 seconds until the event is sent.

2 - When the app is Background it takes even longer.

Is there a way to send a custom event right away?

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Thank you so much for writing into our forums - it is greatly appreciated.

There is no way to speed up this process. CustomEvents are normal priority, but Gimbal uses RegionEvents and they will be sent up quicker.

If you're able to do a custom integration using RegionEvents, then it should send the data quicker.

I hope that this provides some clarity.

Kind regards,

Darragh Blake
Technical Support Engineer

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Darragh Blake
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