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Named user tags not propagating

Patrick Pettay

I am just starting to integrate Airship with our platform, and exploring how to use tag groups and tags. My app id is: c_JpoXydRJS4wMOlvp5qCQ

For a single named user (named "18946") I added a tag "Halal Guys Koreatown" to a tag group i had defined via the dashboard. I see that tag when then do a GET for

  "ok": true,
  "named_users": [
      "named_user_id": "18946",
      "tags": {
        "restaurants": [
          "Halal Guys Koreatown"
      "created": "2019-06-12T22:48:46",
      "last_modified": "2019-06-13T02:39:14",
      "channels": []


but when i try to use the dashboard to send a message to a specific set of users, and specify that tag ("Halal Guys Koreatown") it can't find the tag. could someone help me understand where i've gone wrong?




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My name is Darragh, one of the Technical Support Engineers at Airship. Thank you kindly for contacting our support forums.

There is currently no Channels assigned to the above named_user and so there is no device to target when attempting to send a push notification - you can only target users that have an associated device.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Darragh Blake
Technical Support Engineer

Portland | San Francisco | London | Paris | New York | New Delhi

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