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Alias field empty after setID

Michael Pellecchia

I am trying to add an alias to a user.

On the Airship website, these channel ID lookups still have Alias as null. 

I have tried with and without forceUpdate();

I am also setting tags and the tags are working.


Official comment


Hello Michael, 


This is Mikey with Airship Technical Support. Just to clarify, are you attempting to set an Alias or a Named User? Named User has superseded Alias as a way of identifying multiple devices for one user. Have you had a chance to look at our documentation on How To Implement Named Users? This would be a good first step to learning how to associate named users with channel ids.

Happy to assist further if needed!


Best regards, 

Mikey R.

Airship | Technical Support Engineer | Portland, OR

Mikey Rodriguez
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