receivedBackgroundNotification or receivedNotificationResponse is not called

The receivedBackgroundNotification() / receivedNotifcationResponse methods are called if the app is in the background or if the app is being used.

The same methods are not called when the app is terminated and the app not in the background or foreground. I need to do some custom handling but unable to do to because if this.


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  • Hi there,

    The background function is called when the content-available flag is set to true. Having said that when the app is terminated, you will then lose the ability for the function to be called. There's not much you can do once the app is terminated. Let me know if this helps clear this up for you.

    Kind regards,

    Chilun Liu

    Airship Support London

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  • So if I need to go to a custom view in the app on receiving a notification, is deeplink the only alternative? I have gone been able to go to custom views before without using deeplink.

    (P.S. The content available flag is set)

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