Segment-Airship Integration Setup: Confusion in the Docs

From this section:

Docs say "you must implement Named Users in Airship," but it's unclear to me how this is done.

When I look up how it's done, I see which lists as an example:

>UAirship.namedUser().identifier = "NamedUserID" 

This looks like it's saying "in order to implement, call the identify() method on the Airship SDK". I would have expected Segment to implement calling identify on our behalf.

In other places, I see eg here: "", they say "To properly feed events into and associate events with Segment profiles, named_user_id properties must map to Segment profile userId properties." but they similarly give no indication for how this mapping is done.

Again, I would have expected that this mapping is just the sort of thing Segment does automatically.

Can you help me integrate Airship & Segment?

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  • Hi Guillermo,

    Thanks for the email. Chilun from Support here at Airship,

    The information that is presented by is not owned by Airship so it would be best if you can get in touch with them first so they can provide you with further help on integrating with Airship.

    Kind regards, Chilun Liu Senior Technical Support Engineer Airship The Embassy Tea House, 195-205 Union Street, London, SE1 0LN Portland | San Francisco | London | Paris | New York | New Delhi

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