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InboxJobHandler - User has not been created, canceling messages update

Adam Turner

On Android, calling UAirship.Shared().Inbox.FetchMessages will eventually fail with the following error message: InboxJobHandler - User has not been created, canceling messages update

Once it fails, it will keep failing, the only way to make it work again is by reinstalling the app.

By checking Airship.Instance.NamedUser, I can see that this property has a value set.

I still couldn't figure out what might be causing the issue or witch steps should I take to reproduce it, it seems that it happens out of the blue.

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Jay from Technical Support here.

Are you trying to create a custom Message Center? If so, on which platform? 

Named User does not necessarily mean a Message Center message deliverable user has been created, so there might be an issue with the implementation regarding that.

It looks like you have paid support. If you want to email us the [App Key]( for your project and more details on what it is you are trying to accomplish in general, we'll take a closer look.

Jay M.
Airship Technical Support

Jay M.
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