I'm using UrbanAirship SDK for a react native app to receive push notification, so I want to know if there is a way to mark or get an active channelId in background task, it means, not only when a user opens the app to still getting notifications in mobile app. thanks in advance

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  • Hi Nick,

    Jay from Technical Support here.

    It's not completely clear what you are trying to achieve, could you expand on your use case here?

    Are you just looking for a way to get the Channel ID in code?

    Jay M.
    Airship Technical Support

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  • Hi Jay,

    Please let me provide more details about my question, for example I'm getting channelId when a user login to our mobile app, and as I know, this channelId can be marked as inactive for some reason for example when the app is uninstalled from device, so If an end user install and opens again mobile app, channelId will automatically be set as “active” or generated a new one, so I want to know if there is a way to do this process (from inactive to active) in background, it means, to avoid to a user opens every time the app to renew channelId

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  • There is no way to force generating a new channel id manually, as it is part of the SDK functionality since it only supposed to happen under certain conditions. 

    It's still not clear when you would need to do this manually or in the background. If an app was uninstalled, it will need to generate a new channel when the app first opens after reinstalling. If the app was already installed and has a channel id, it should not create a new one on the next open. Is this not what is happening?

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