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Handling deeplink from push while app is closed

Maciej Czupryna


we have working push notifications with associated deeplink and everything works fine if app is in the background. But if user close the app (swipe up on iOS) then when we received and open push notification nothing happening. We are using UADeepLinkDelegate from Airship API and receivedDeepLink method is not even call in this situation. 

How it should be handled in proper way? 

Should we manually parse the launchOptions dictionary at didFinishLaunchingWithOptions AppDelegate method or there is some AirShip method for that?

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Your setup should be the same whether the app is closed or is in the background. 

When you say nothing happens, do you mean the app doesn't launch or launches on the home screen instead of the deep link page?

You can also take a look or set up our Sample app to see an example implementation and compare codebases. 

Jay M.
Airship Technical Support

Jay M.
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