Hi.  I'm having issues with some people in my group accidentally using the 'All Users' option instead of the targeted users.  Does anyone know if there are settings where I can flat-out disable the the All Users option for some people? Thanks

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  • Hello Eric here from the Technical Support team.

    The setting you are looking for is enable/disable broadcast, which can be toggled for all users on a particular project. To find this setting:

    • Login to you account on www.airship.com
    • Select your project
    • Go to settings
    • Select Configuation
    • At the bottom you can toggle enable broadcast push

    Here is a full list of features you can set in your configuration: https://docs.airship.com/tutorials/manage-project/messaging/enable-features/


  • Eric this is very helpful thank you.  Is there a way to give only certain users access to this feature (accessing broadcast)?  I have about 4-5 people who should still have access.  Thanks.


  • This option is either enabled or disabled for all users. Currently there is no was to give permissions to specific users on your account.



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