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In-app message configuration to add image

jay wadhwani


My team has used the pod file to enable images. And in the dashboard, our push notification has the option to attach an image URL.

However, in in-app message dashboard, I only see input field for text and buttons, and not the option to add image.

How do we enable images in in-app messaging?


P.S. We use Urban Airship SDK or Library Version: 12.1.1. We are using the free version of Airship.

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Hi Jay,

In-App Messages do not support images as a feature. 

Our In-App Automation does allow for the use of images but this functionality does not come with the free basic account.

Let us know if you have any questions. 


Jay M.
Airship Technical Support

Jay M.
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Glad I could help!

Jay M. 0 votes
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