Clicking on notification directly opening the detailed HTML content page not authentication page

1. The app is in the killed state not in the background or foreground.

2. Received the push message in the application.

3.  Clicking on a notification directly opening the detailed HTML content page created using the Urbanairship portal.

4. Our requirement is after authentication it should open the HTML content not before.

For example, I have a customized lock screen in my application. If a user entering a valid pin, the user can use the application.

But here my problem is, It directly opening an HTML content page when clicking on push notification.







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  • Hi,

    Jay from Technical Support here.

    You are most likely looking to override the default actions (until you are ready to run them) using the Action Registry. However, if you provide us with more details we can make sure we are giving you the proper solution for your use case.

    Looks like you have paid support with us. If you want to email us your App Key and an example Push ID, we can take a closer look. Or better yet, fill out this form to create a ticket and fill in the details:

    Jay M.
    Airship Technical Support

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