Not receiving push notification for some iOS and Android devices


This Monday we sent 145K notifications via PUSH api for a single incident.

Not sure how many users have received it but apparently most of our teammates didn't receive that notification (mixed Android and iOS). 

Tested to send notifications manually to teammates devices (which didn't receive the original message) and it works well.

Logged into UA console to check the message payload sent on Monday and it looks good. Only noticed that there are 55K silent notices which we don't think sent them.

This could seriously affecting our SLA if we failed to deliver natural hazard notifications to our users.

Could someone help us?



Howard Wu

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  • Hello Howard,

    It seems that you already have a subscription with us through the account named 'GNS Science'. If this is the case, can you forward your query onto so we can look into this for you? If you don't, we can try to figure something out to help you to diagnose the problem...

    Kind regards,

    Chilun Liu

    Airship Support

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