Cannot see any custom events in Event Tracking

I call the Urban Airship REST API, sending custom events, like this:   POST

I receive OK (200), but still, when I look into Reports -> Event Tracking for my app, I don't see any event.

Am I missing a configuration on my app in Airship ?

An example of the custom event body:
{"type":"string","name":"offer_name","value":" 5.00%"},

Thank you !

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  • The Event Tracking report in the Airship Dashboard only tracks events set on Channel IDs. Either our Real Time Data Streaming or Performance Analytics products provide detail regarding Custom Events set on Named Users.

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  • Thanks for reply! 

    Basically in the Airship API documentation there's no mention that if I use "named_user_id" instead of channel id, I won't be able to see the custom events in the Event Tracking report.

    The Airship API documentation for custom events says that I can specify either named user or channel id on the event and that "You can use these events as custom event triggers for Automation or Journeys".

    But if I try to create an Automation I also can't see any custom event...

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  • While you would not be able to see the Custom Events set on Named User IDs in this report, they should still work for the Automations + Journeys as mentioned. 

    When you say "I can't see any custom event" are you saying the automation is not triggered, or that you don't see the event in a drop down when creating the Automation?

    Could you also provide the app key being used in your testing?

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