Starting today we are getting an error when we try to upload a new iOS certificate.  It errors saying the Signing Key field is required.  However, we are still using certificate based authentication and need to be able to upload a certificate without a signing key.

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  • Make sure all the field in the Token Auth form are empty. Some browsers autofill fields thinking a username/email/password should be submitted there.


    Thank you,
    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship | Portland
  • I did a second double check.  The field it is complaining is empty is the SIgning Key Choose File.  So, it isn't really a textbox that can be cleared out.

  • Also, I did try on Safari and Chrome as well as multiple computers.  So, it does seem like it is a consistent error.

  • Try deleting the old one then upload the new one. Thats the only work around at the moment. Our web team knows theres a bug and they're looking into it right now


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