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I have a very small number of users registered for push notifications from Airship. I've created a couple of segments to understand the segment filters and tools. I've also created some custom attributes and set values for these custom attributes for these users, as well as set the named user field for them.

Can anyone help me with the below question?

Is there any way to view an estimate count of how many users might be contained in a segment? Right now, I've created some segments and cannot see any estimate of how many users might fall in this segment

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  • Christopher,

    This is Eric from Airship Technical Support. Currently, you can use our legacy segments tool which can give you a rough estimate. When you are building out your message and in the audience screen, select your target audience as your segment, and then click on View segment. You will be able to see an estimated audience on the segment view.

    We are working on a new audience count tool, but don't have a specific date for when this will be released.

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship | Portland


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  • Thank you Eric, I see what you mean, but unfortunately on the legacy segment tools I'm unable to create segments based on attributes, is that correct?

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  • I also had issues finding counts for segments.  Am I understanding correctly that you cannot see segment counts unless you build a message with them?  If so how can this be and when will this be corrected?  This is very important and basic feature.

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