Reports that display custom attributes or named users

Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding reports if anyone call help me out. I currently have the Performance Analytics trial.

- Is there any report that would show me a list of the named users? If there doesn't exist an out of the box report for this, is there anyway to configure one in Performance Analytics/App Metrics?

- Is there anyway I can see a list of users that have opted in for push notifications? Right now, I think the closest thing is the Lifecycle Report.

- Is there any report that I can utilize custom attributes as filters and display them as columns in the report output?


Thanks so much in advance.

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  • Christopher,

    This is Eric from Airship Technical Support.

    1. For a full listing you will want to use our API: You could also use an existing report that looks at device properties and add the Named User to the columns.
    2. Use the Device Properties report for Notification Opt-in Enabled Devices (All-time)
    3. Attributes are not in PA at the moment. I believe we are working on integrating them in.

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship | Portland

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