Scheduled Push Notification with Date-Dependent Segment

Hi, I'm currently trying to setup a Push Notification that goes out to our push notification-subscribed users. Each of our users has a custom attribute set on them called Membership Expiration Date.

As with any expiration date, any number of users might have their membership expiration date occurring within the next month. I am trying to setup a scheduled Push Notification for the beginning of each month such that, when the push notification goes to execute, it will inform any user whose Membership Expiration Date is occurring within the month, they'll be notified of this.

I believe I've got the audience segment correctly -- this should pick up any users whose Membership Expiration Date will occur within the next month (of when the push notification goes to execute)


But now I'd like to automate the push notification to be sent out to this segment at the beginning of each month. Unfortunately, when setting up a scheduled push, I can't schedule it to be repeated on a cycle -- i.e. in this scenario, I'd like to schedule it for the first of every month -- but it seems I can only schedule it for a specific date in time rather than a repeated point in time.

Has any had any success with this? Would the Automation delivery type fit this use case better? Otherwise, the only way I can imagine doing this is created a separate scheduled push for the 1st of each upcoming month.

This is a major use case for us to roll out push notifications in Production, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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