Trying to place UADefaultMessageCenterListViewController in own UINavigationController

Our app is implemented using SwiftUI and a UINavigationController. 
The Inbox implementation from Airship uses a UISplitViewController, which cannot be pushed to a UINavigationController. 
error: "Split View Controllers cannot be pushed to a Navigation Controller"

So I thought: no problem, just subclass the UADefaultMessageCenterListViewController directly and use that. 

However, no messages ever show up. I see the messages being handled by Airship, but the "UAMessageCenterDisplayDelegate" delegate messages are never called.

I set the delegate like this:

UAMessageCenter.shared().displayDelegate = self

Is there another way to implement the Inbox which I am not aware of?

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  • Hi Axel,

    This is Maxime with Airship Technical Support. 

    I recommend that you compare your implementation with our Swift sample app
    This should allow you to identify the blocking point. If not, please provide me more elements of your implementation such as the UA codes and logs. 

    I remain available. 



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