Unable to use Custom Events / Attributes for segmentation and Journey Triggers



Post SDK installation and Custom Event setup. I can see all the custom events in reports > event tracking. These events are active and their counter also increases with time as users trigger those events.


However, I am unable to use these event's and attributes when setting up customer segments or when setting up triggers for journeys. Is there something I am missing out on?


Would appreciate all the help!


Thank you

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  • Hello, 

    According to the technical documentation, attributes have to be added to your Airship project. Otherwise, you will not be able to use these attributes in your segmentation. Regarding custom events, there is nothing special to set up on the dashboard side. If these events are correctly reported on the server-side, you should be able to use them in your segmentation. Could you please provide me your project AppKey and the name of the custom events you are looking for? So I can have a look at the situation. Thanks in advance! 

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