URLs Emails and Phone numbers no longer clickable on back of Apple wallet passes

Has anyone else experienced this problem recently? Late last week my passes appeared normally with all the URLs, Phone numbers and Email addresses appropriately linked. Now, this week the information on all my passes appear as text and are not links anymore. I'm attaching before and after screenshots.

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  • I know we have a ticket open for this, but I want to update here as well for visibility for anyone else who might run into the issue.

    There does seem to be something that has changed on Apple's side of doing things and they are no longer converting text into the correct type of link. My engineering team has opened a support ticket with Apple to better understand the changes.

    For a work around in the meantime, you can manually set the text as links:

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship Group | Apptimize | Portland

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