Unable to use PHP API library as it relies on outdated dependency

The PHP API library requires package Monolog v1.* which is now outdated.

We develop using popular PHP framework Laravel's latest version which itself requires Monolog v2.0.

This conflict prevents us from continuing to use Airship.

Would it possible to upgrade the library to use Monolog 2?

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  • Rich,

    This is Eric from Airship Technical Support. Airship no longer is actively developing the PHP library. You are more than welcome to fork the library and make the required upgrade on your own: https://github.com/urbanairship/php-library2/. We are also more that open to pull request if you would like to share your updates with the community.

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship Group | Apptimize | Portland

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