Unable to Uninstall Channels using the "Uninstall Channels" request


We've had a client that stopped using our platform, and we are using Airship to manage their push notifications.  We'd like to remove their associated channels so that we are no longer billed for them (they had about 11k channels).  I found this documentation about how to do that (https://docs.airship.com/api/ua/#operation-api-channels-uninstall-post) and it seems like even though I'm doing everything apparently correctly (the response is a 200 with a response body {ok: true}) the channels are still associated with the app.  I even deleted the app from the Airship control panel and yet I am still able to access the app's channel using its API key (???) and see that the channels are still there.  We need to get in contact with someone at Airship to nail down what's going on but the only support option I could find is "Make a post on our forums" even though we are paying customers.

Please, can someone at Airship contact us?

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