When an in-app automation message is active with the trigger "open app", only one time, I'm getting a message when the user opens the app after the app is installed each time. Who can I avoid this behavior?

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  • Adidier,

    This is Eric from Airship Technical Support. The issue you are running into is an as expected behavior. Typically since users don't uninstall and reinstall the app on a normal basis, this scenario is typically not an issue. Majority of the time this issue is only observed by those testing the app.  But the logic for IAA is stored on the device, so when you uninstall it app it also wipes out any of the previous settings/logic that would exist for one time displays.

    We don't have a a guide on specifically how you can achieve this, but some developers have looked into storing a value in the keychain that would then be set as a channel tag on first run. You would then hide the IAA if the channel has the tag.

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship Group | Apptimize | Portland


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