Recursive flow in Airship Journey

We want to keep sending the same message to users until they hit a conversion or cancel trigger. E.g. remind user every 30 days until they take some specific action.
Our first thought was that it might be possible to make a "Journey continuation" that points to the Journey itself (or another journey earlier in the flow). But it does not seem possible to point to an existing journey, a new one is always created and added to the diagram/map.

Is it possible to achieve this recursive behaviour somehow? We could create e.g. 10 "Journey continuation" steps in a row - but that would mean we would have to maintain delays and message content for 10 instances, which would be sub-optimal.

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  • Hi Torben, 

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to repeat a Journey until the user hits a conversion or cancel trigger. The Journey feature has not been developed in this way. 

    As mentioned, the only possibility would be to create "Journey continuation" steps with a delay between each message. 

    Best regards, 

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