Problems registering channels on android devices

Good morning.
We have a problem registering channels on Android. When registering, the method returns channel ID but when verifying the 
resulting json it appears with incomplete fields such as "push_address" : null with which the push notifications do
not reach the device. Example of the misregistered json.
The "push_address" field is empty
{ "ok": true, "channel": { "channel_id": "ecd7e07c-d667-4850-b439-79e4b0c46af9", "device_type": "android", "installed": true, "background": false, "push_address": null, "named_user_id": null, "alias": null, "tags": [], "tag_groups": { "ua_background_enabled": [ "false" ], "ua_mobile_platform": [ android ], "ua_opt_in": [ "false" ] }, "device_attributes": {}, "attributes": {}, "created": "2022-03-07T22:02:37", "opt_in": false, "last_registration": "2022-03-07T22:04:12" } } please could you help me? Thanks a lot

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