We are currently using the UA Message center functionality for our native platforms (through the native SDK's) and now want to implement it to our web platform as well.
But we fail to see how we can retrieve the Message center using the UA Web SDK, is UA missing support for message center on Web?
If it is, is there another way to retrieve and manipulate the messages in the Message center?

// John

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  • Hello John,

    Thanks for reaching out to Airship Technical Support! Unfortunately, our web SDK is not designed to include Message Center capability at the moment. Here is some documentation around the various features and functionality provided via our Web SDK: https://docs.airship.com/platform/web/getting-started/

    That being said, it will be great if you could share some additional details explaining your use case. I will be happy to create product feedback for our Product/Engineering team to take a look at. This is the team that determines what changes/updates will be made to Airship and the projected timeline for those changes/updates once they have been vetted and approved within their roadmap.


    Arushi S.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship | San Francisco, CA

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