Using an Inbox Message Template in a Custom Push Message

Hi Team,

for a client we are creating Push Messages that are delivered through another System using an HTML Format. 

The Link behind the Push Message basically just links the User into their App Inbox.

The Inbox Message that delivered with the Push Content was orignially a Custom HTML including some AirShip Actions Scripts. 

This is very high maintenance and Buggy. 

When i have created a Inbox Message Template do I get something like a link to my template which is then loaded if i include it in die HTML that used to be the old Inbox Message? And how would i need to create the HTML that loads the Template. 

Any experience or Guidance is appreciated.




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  • Hi Daniel, 


    Thank you for your request. 


    Could you please clarify which system you are actually using? 

    Could you also please give me a bit more details on your request? 

    This would help me to have a better understanding of your situation. 


    Thank you in advance 

    Kind Regards, 



    Technical Support Engineer

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  • When creating an Inbox Message Template, you will indeed get a link to your template which can be loaded when you include it in the HTML of your push message. To create the HTML that loads the template, you can use JavaScript or any other suitable method to dynamically insert the link to your template into the HTML code. This way, when the push message is delivered and the user interacts with it, the link will direct them to the template, which will be loaded with the predefined content and layout. 

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  • Creating a custom push message using an inbox message template can vary depending on the platform or service you're using. However, I can provide a general outline of how you might go about this.

    General Steps:

    1. Access the Dashboard: Log in to the dashboard of the service you're using for push notifications.

    2. Navigate to Templates: Go to the "Templates" section where inbox message templates are stored.

    3. Select a Template: Choose the inbox message template you want to use for your custom push message.

    4. Customize the Template: Edit the template to include the specific content, images, or links you want to send out. Some platforms allow you to include dynamic variables that can be replaced with user-specific information.

    5. Save Changes: Once you've made your edits, save the template.

    6. Navigate to Push Messages: Go to the section where you can create new push messages.

    7. Create a New Push Message: Start creating a new push message.

    8. Link the Template: There should be an option to use a template for your push message. Select the inbox message template you edited earlier.

    9. Additional Customization: Add any additional text, images, or actions that you want to include in the push message.

    10. Test the Message: Before sending it out to your audience, test the message to make sure it appears as you expect.

    11. Send or Schedule: Once you're satisfied with how the message looks, you can either send it immediately or schedule it for a later time.

    Platform-Specific Instructions:

    • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM): Use the "Notification composer" to create and customize your message, then select the template you want to use.

    • OneSignal: Navigate to "Messages" > "New Push" and then select the "Templates" tab to choose your inbox message template.

    • Airship: Go to "Messages" > "Create" > "Push Notification" and then use the "Template" option to select your inbox message template.

    Would you like to know more details about a specific platform?

    My Home Page: Nekopoi Apk Thank you so much.

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