Airship failing HTTP requests to backend service


We are experiencing a large ammount of failing airship http calls to the endpoint with a http 403 Forbidden response. While this does not seem to have any negative effect on the push notification delivery its nevertheless an annyoing aspect shown in our monitoring.

Can we disable those calls somehow during library start in iOS and Android or why are those implicit calls failing in the first place.

Please advise.

Best greetings

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for contacting the support.

    Could you please make sure that this Named User option is enabled:

    You can find this by going to the Settings page -> Named Users.

    Best regards

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  • Ok thx I will check!

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  • I understand that you are experiencing a large number of failing HTTP calls to the endpoint with a 403 Forbidden response. While it doesn't seem to affect push notification delivery, it is still causing annoyance in your monitoring.

    To disable these calls during library start in iOS and Android, you may need to provide more information about the specific library or SDK you are using to interact with the Urban Airship API. Each library or SDK may have its own configuration options or initialization methods that allow you to disable certain calls. 

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