Notifications force open in-app browser inside the app even when the user doesn't interact with it

Hi everyone!

The notifications I'm sending are being opened (modal in app browser) even when the user doesn't click on it. Is this expected? The problem is that it's stacking with old notifications, so if the user doesn't open the app in a while, the first time he opens, it pops every single notification modal since then.

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  • Hello,

    This was resolved via a ticket, but wanted to share the solution:

    Based on what I saw the customer was having multiple messages displayed from either In-App Automations or Journeys. This is fairly common, I see this in one of our internal apps when I haven't opened it for quite some time.
    There are a few ways to mitigate seeing multiple messages delivered in this way:

    • Messaging Limits - Journeys and Automation Rules: This setting would allow you to control the frequency a user can see messages delivered by IAAs or Journeys.
    • Manually trigger IAAs with SDK side custom events: Instead of using the first seen trigger, use a more defined process for displaying an IAA using custom events triggered within the app.

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship Group | Apptimize | Portland

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  • The issue of stacking notifications and displaying all of them when the user opens the app after a while is also not ideal from a user experience standpoint. Notifications are generally intended to provide timely and relevant information to users, and displaying a backlog of old notifications may overwhelm the user and make the feature less effective.

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  • The behavior you're describing, where notifications force open an in-app browser inside the app duolingo albanian without user interaction, could be a result of how the app is designed and how it handles notifications. Here are some potential reasons and suggestions:

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