Ability to add payload to push notification via dashboard

I want to be able to add custom data into a push notification's payload, so that the client side can parse and know where or what type of push notification was received. E.g. setting the UANotificationCategory for iOS. 

As of right now ,there's no way of doing this on the dashboard, or I can't find it. 

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  • Hi Michael,

    The push payload that is delivered via the Dashboard gives you the opportunity to choose which platforms to choose when sending a message. When you choose "iOS" for example, the data in the payload reflects that choice.

    If you want to add more data to the push messages to track the efficiency of the messages, perhaps Campaign Categories may be of some use to you. 

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    1. Choose a Push Notification Service: First, select a push notification service or platform that suits your needs hektop. Some common options include Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Pusher, OneSignal, and more.

    2. Set Up Your App: Configure your mobile app or web application to work with the chosen push notification service. You'll typically need to integrate the push notification SDK or library into your app.

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