Custom Events iOS - How to send an array of items on the properties object


I am sending custom events to Airship, along with properties on the properties object. I am able to access properties on the properties object when I send data along with a custom event like this:

let addToCartRetailTemplate = UARetailEventTemplate.addedToCart()
let addToCartRetailEvent = addToCartRetailTemplate.createEvent()
var propertyDictionary = Dictionary <String, Any>()
propertyDictionary["brand"] = "brand_value" = propertyDictionary

But I can't access properties sent as an array of objects. How do I send/access properties on the properties object when sending an array of objects? I want to send something like this to Airship

    "items": [
          "brand": "brand_value"

so I can access it like the example in your documentation: 

{{#each items}}

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  • Hi Nathan, 

    Since you fall under Footlocker support, I've gone ahead and created a support ticket for you. Please respond there for further support. 

    Best wishes, 

    Frenchy F.
    Technical Support Engineer | Airship | New York

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