Message Center Sync over multiple devices with same user

how can we Show same messages over multiple device for the user IOS and Android we were hoping this is implemented in Airship NamedUser but it is not working can you confirm this is Technical Limitation and their no way to do this Thanks 

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  • Hello,

    The process you mentioned would be the most effective method for what you are attempting to do. Have you walked through our guide for Enabling Named Users in your SDK?  You can also read more about enabling for a particular platform in the below-listed documentation:

    We would also advise you to go ahead and build our Sample App. The intention behind using our Sample Apps is to test against or better identify potential implementation discrepancies within your current app. If you run a build of our sample app and cannot reproduce the issue as you are making it, it could be a good control to compare your app's code against to see what may be different.

    Reference Documentation: 

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  • hi Ryan we have already implemented Named User Id and it is working when we sent to multiple devices Our PROBLEM is there is no sync between devices as the user log out and log in again he can find notifications in Message center or not and there is deference experience in IOS almost every time the user once logged in he can find Notifications 

    we concluded that the notification not related to the named User but it is to the Firebase ID or IOS and Android normally updated the FCM token on reinstall to app that  is why the testing almost never see any notification on Android but IOS i don't know if it update the token or not and when 

    we need the behavior to be constant 

    thanks for your response 

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  • Hello Ahmed,

    Is the user simply logging out of the app or uninstalling the app from their device altogether?  If it is the latter, please read our support article on Device Identifiers. iOS devices can keep the same Channel ID due to its keychain even if the app is uninstalled. Android and Amazon devices do not have this ability. 

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