iOS - Image is not showing for Rich Push Notification message in iOS 15.x version

iOS - Airship SDK 16.9.2

When I sent Rich push notification from Airship portal, Image is showing for iOS 16.0 device but the same message is not showing image for lower version (iOS 15.x) version.


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  • I am also having this problem!

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  • If rich push notification images are not displaying in iOS 15.x, it may be related to changes in the iOS version, issues with the notification payload, or how your app handles rich notifications. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

    1. Notification Service Extension: In iOS, rich push notifications often require the use of a Notification Service Extension to download and display images. Make sure that your app is correctly configured to use this extension Money machine. If you're using a Notification Content Extension for custom notification interfaces, ensure that it can display the images as well.

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  • If images are not showing for Rich Push Notifications in iOS 15.x, you may want to consider the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Image Format and Size:

      • Ensure that the image you're using is in a supported format (JPEG, PNG) and adheres to Apple's guidelines for image size.
      • Apple recommends a maximum size of 5 MB for an image in a notification.
    2. HTTP vs. HTTPS:

      • Ensure that the image URL provided in the notification payload is using HTTPS rather than HTTP. scarlet app ios requires secure connections for images in notifications.
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