Rich push notification with images are not showing in iOS via native and Cordova

I am trying to follow the documentation on setting up a Notification Service Extension in iOS, but even after following everything, images attached to a push notification or not being shown at least as a thumbnail. Just text shows up.

There is also another issue related to the documentation for implementing Notification Service Extension in iOS -- the CocoaPods library stated in the documentation is "AirshipExtensions/NotificationService" but when I do a pod install, it is able to install the library but gives the message "AirshipExtensions has been deprecated in favor of AirshipServiceExtension". I tried with "AirshipServiceExtension", replacing the "@import" but images are still not being shown as thumbnails in the push notification. I am using version 16.9.3 of the main Airship libraries via CocoaPods.

Can someone please look into this? I am testing this on an iOS 15.x device.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Airship Support.

    It looks like you are experiencing issues implementing Notification Service Extension in iOS via the CocoaPods library. The error you are receiving says that "AirshipExtensions" has been deprecated, but trying the updated library, "AirshipServiceExtension", is yielding errors for you. If that is not the correct understanding, please feel free to point out where I'm mistaken.

    If that is the issue, however, then it can be explained by this update changelog, found on our GitHub repo:

    Version 16.2.0 January 24, 2022
    * Split pod AirshipExtensions into AirshipServiceExtension and AirshipContentExtension

    Since you are experiencing issues with images in a push notification, i.e. content, I would recommend you utilize both libraries, AirshipServiceExtension and AirshipContentExtension. Please let me know if that makes a difference.


    Moin A.
    Airship // Technical Support Engineer

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  • Hello. It still doesn't show but the payload contains the GIF I added in the message in the Messages Console. This is what I have in my NotificationService.h as per documentation:

    @import AirshipServiceExtension;

    @interface NotificationService : UANotificationServiceExtension


    And this is what I have in my NotificationService.m as per documentation:

    @import Foundation;

    #import "NotificationService.h"

    @implementation NotificationService




    This is what my PodFile looks like

    platform :ios, '11.0'


    target 'HelloCordova' do
    project 'HelloCordova.xcodeproj'
    pod 'Airship/Core'
    pod 'Airship/MessageCenter'
    pod 'Airship/Automation'
    pod 'Airship/ExtendedActions'
    pod 'Airship/PreferenceCenter'

    target 'MyNotificationService' do
      pod 'AirshipServiceExtension'
      pod 'AirshipContentExtension'

    I do have a Notification Service Extension with the name MyNotificationService but I didn't create a Notification Content Extension. Is that needed to show the thumbnail image and expanded image in the push notification? If so, I didn't get that understanding from the documentation.

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  • Sorry my mistake! It's working after this change. Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    I have added AirshipNotificationServiceExtension and imported 

    #import <AirshipNotificationServiceExtension/AirshipNotificationServiceExtension.h>

    but still the interactive/media content is not visible in notification. 

    can you guide on this?

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      • Ensure that push notifications are enabled for your app www ringtone zip in the iOS device's settings. Go to Settings > Your App > Notifications, and make sure notifications are enabled.
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  • If rich push notifications with images are not displaying on iOS devices through native development PIFC Best fusions or Cordova (a framework for building mobile applications), you need to troubleshoot the issue from both the server-side and the app's implementation. Here are steps to diagnose and potentially resolve the problem:

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