How to retrieve your Android Channel ID

We recommend logging your Android device's Channel ID in code. To log your Channel ID, add a couple of extra lines to your app as shown in our documentation on Retrieving your Channel ID

The code to reveal your Channel ID must be implemented after takeOff is called.

Your Android Channel ID is useful for triaging issues you may have receiving push notifications or other issues an individual device may have. 

Example logcat output:

11-17 15:56:42.274 18648-18648/com.urbanairship.push.sample I/Main Activity﹕ My Application Channel ID: a836bcf5-b1db-4b63-839f-e94a395cb691


In this case, the device's Channel ID is a836bcf5-b1db-4b63-839f-e94a395cb691

Your Channel ID may return null at first but it should return your Channel ID once the Airship services are configured on your device.


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