The Estimated Audience value on my Segment is incorrect

The Estimated Audience counter for segments provides a ball park estimate of the size of a simple segment. It is not a hard and fast count and relies on a small sampling size of the audience to make the estimation. It will only provide a close approximate of the number of devices in the segment if there is a single tag and if "Any" statements are used.

The Estimated Audience count includes both Opted-in and Opted-out users. 


Named Users and their metadata are not considered. For example, tags set on a Named User will not be calculated.

If your segment includes any of the following, the Estimated Audience Count value can become inaccurate the more complex your segment is.  Operators and conditions that can result in inaccurate estimates are below:

  • An All statement with more than one tag with an AND condition
  • Lists
  • A location tag
  • A large audience
  • A NOT statement

In these cases, we do not recommend you rely on the number provided as a guide to the size of the audience.


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