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Bagde count is not increasing with use of "+1" inside payload

Brian Johnson

Hello Sir,

I've setup push notification using Urban Airship and also use auto increment for base count. But before few days it is always sending me only 1 in badge count while receiving push in ios. It should be increase by 1 until i reset the badge to 0. It was working when i did setup before few months and currently it stop working properly.

I don't know that what cause this issue. so kindly let me know asap.




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Hi Nirav,

Looks like you have email support with us. In the future, feel free to email us directly or submit a ticket here and we'll be able to help more quickly:

As to your issue, does it not increment let's say from 1 to 2, once there is already 1 on the badge and just stays at 1 with additional messages? If you reset it to zero, does it increment to 1 still?

Also, what changes have you made to the app between the time it was working correctly and now?

Jay M.
Urban Airship Technical Support

Jay Mutzafi
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