Mobile App Push Notice - Directly open a web link

I recently used my urban airship account to try to collect user feedback from a Survey Monkey web-link response collector.

So far it appears that the push notice went out, but the connection to the web link was broken or ineffective.

What can I do to try this again so that my push notice funnels people to the survey I've made? Each time I tried to follow the notice from my own devices the app opened up (not a web browser) and then crashed immediately.

I'm trying to find a direct support email for UA too and I can't seem to find that either (yet--still looking).

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    If you'd like to share with us your App Key we can take a look to see if you qualify for email technical support.

    Regarding your inquiry, as long as you've properly implemented the SDK, the expected behavior for sending a Web Push actioned notification should be that the URL opens in the device's default browser rather than the app.

    Would you mind providing the Push ID(s) of the notification in question so I can take a look?

    Additionally, we strongly encourage you to send test pushes before targeting your entire audience so you can ensure that any issues are caught before they reach your users. Have a look at the following articles for creating both a test app and a test audience:

    Thank you

     Alana - Urban Airship Support

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  • Hi Team,

    I had the same issue. this time with the google form link. Please help us.

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