How to find the Push ID


The Push ID is returned with most types of push from the Airship API and is also available from the Airship dashboard, Real Time Data Stream, and Performance Analytics.

A Push ID comes in the standard UUID format.



The Push ID can be found in the address bar in the push's Full Report page for a particular push:

  1. From the Messages Menu, choose Messages Overview. 
  2. In the list of Messages locate the message for which you want to retrieve the Push ID.
  3. Click the message's bar graph icon at the far right:


  4. In the URL bar at the top of your browser window, locate the UUID formatted Push ID. It will come after /reports/pushdetail/ as shown below:


  5. This can then be copied from the URL bar.


The Push ID is returned in the JSON formatted return string from most successful (202 response) Push API requests. This Push ID should always be logged.



Real Time Data Stream:

The Push ID is returned the PUSH_BODY events in the stream. All events are JSON formatted and the push_id is returned as follows. For more information on the Real Time Data Stream please see the documentation HERE.


  "push_id": "233f8109-bf56-4d95-a8bf-6f28e9d270a4",
  "trimmed": false,
  "resource": "PUSH",
  "payload": "eyJkZXZpY2VfdHlwZXMiOiBbImFuZHJvaWQiLCAiaW9zIl0sICJub3RpZmljYXRpb24iOiB7ImFuZHJvaWQiOiB7fSwgImlvcyI6IHsiYmFkZ2UiOiAiKzEifSwgImFsZXJ0IjogIklUIFdJTEwgV09SSyEifSwgImF1ZGllbmNlIjogImFsbCJ9"


Performance Analytics:

When investigating messages in Performance Analytics, the Push ID is returned when the "Push ID" dimension is used in a look. For more information on Performance Analytics please see the documentation HERE.

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