Channel ID is always set as OPT-OUT on iOS

Very similar situation as this (Channel ID is always set as opted out on iOS), however the proposed solution did not work. I ensured that

`UAirship.push().userPushNotificationsEnabled = true`

was called after the `.takeOff(..)` call, however status still shows as "OPT-OUT" when searching for the specific channel ID in the Device Lookup page on Airship. 

When the app first installs, the iOS system dialog for enabling push notifications is prompted and I accept, and I confirm that it is properly enabled by going into the iOS "Settings > Notifications > MyAirshipApp" and ensuring the toggles are switched on.

When I tried to send a specified push notification targeting audience for the segment on which the device is registered on, nothing happens, which I assume is due to the fact that it still shows as "OPT-OUT" for the channel ID on the Airship Device Lookup.

Not sure how to proceed here, any tips?

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  • Hi,

    I see a Rejected Device Token in your project's Error Console

    See the first link above for troubleshooting, but this is most likely an issue of mixing app keys due to the app running in the wrong environment (dev vs prod).

    Let us know if that helps or if you have additional questions.


    Jay M.
    Airship Technical Support

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