Reporting for In-App Messages

In-app messages require version 6.0+ of the Urban Airship SDK.

You can send an In-App Message on its own, or you can combine it with a Push Notification. Possible combinations include:

  • Push Notification Only
  • In-App Message Only
  • Combination Push Notification + In-App Message
With In-App Messaging, your send counts will vary depending on how many users in your audience are opted in to push versus how many are opted out.

If you send a message with In-App messaging, the Message Response Report will include information about the In-App Message Sends:



  1. Notification Sends: An In-App message with associated push notification that is sent to an opted-in device will always be counted as a Notification Send, rather than an In-App Send.
  2. Notification + In-App Message Sends: The number of notifications containing both user-alerting elements (such as text, badge, and sound) and an In-App Message sent to users opted in to push.
  3. In-App Message Only Sends:  The number of In-App and silent (Content Available) sends which will be recorded in one of these scenarios:
    • An in-app message, with or without an associated push, is sent to an opted-out device. Because opted-out devices will only receive the in-app message, this is counted as an In-App Only Send.
    • An in-app message only is sent to an opted-in device.
Note: we will not send messages to iOS8 users who have disabled Background App Refresh. 


In-App Information in the Message Report 

The full Message Reports will look like this:



 Below the graph you'll see two sections related to In-App Messages:

  • In-App Message
  • In-App Message Impressions


In-App Message:

This section displays the text of your In-App message, and is only included when there is only an In-App message send, or when the push notification text differs from the In-App message text. 

In-App Message Impressions

In-App Message Impressions reflects the number of users who have successfully viewed an In-App Message. We break this number out by those Opted-in and those Opted-out:


We count an impression if the message was displayed to the user. These counts are unique to the user, so if a user sees a message multiple times, we'll only count them once. 


Event Tracking

If you configure any actions for your In-App Message, we will track taps on the message itself, or on any interactive buttons associated with that In-App Message.


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