How can I send push messages to Apple Wallet passes?

Apple Wallet passes can be updated and users can be alerted to changes via notifications that light up their screen.

Change Messages

Each field object on an Apple Pass can include an optional change message value. This is the text value that displays to users when a change occurs. The value text must contain the escape value %@, which is replaced with the field’s new value. For example, “Gate changed to %@” where %@  is replaced with the new value for the associated field.


If you don’t specify a change message, the user isn’t notified when the field changes. 

API Example

The following is an example of a pass field that includes an optional change message value using the key changeMessage. When updating a pass, if the specified value is different than what is currently included on the pass then the change message will be displayed on the user's device.  


  "fields": {
    "TextField": {
      "changeMessage": "The value for this field has changed to %@",
"value": "New text value",
"label": "Text Field Label" } } }


Template Example

Change messages can also be specified with a template field in the Wallet Dashboard. To specify a change message for a field, select "Advanced Options" and specify a change message. Note, the change message must contain the escape value %@, otherwise the message will not be displayed.


Best Practices

If you plan on sending promotional or marketing messages to your users, consider including a field on the back of a pass that always displays the latest message. This allows the message to persist after a user has dismissed the notification. 





Notification Behavior

When a change message is posted to a user's device the screen will light up with the notification. The user's device will not play a sound or vibrate. 

The title displayed with a notification will always be the "Company Name" associated with your Wallet account. This can be changed by visiting your Account Settings page. 


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