What Information should I include when reporting issues with the Airship Dashboard?

You may experience errors or behaviors that prevent you from using the Airship Dashboard (https://go.airship.com). Sometimes these errors can be caused by local network conditions, transit problems, your browser or computer's configuration, or generated by our service itself.

When submitting a ticket to Airship support reporting these type of issues, please include as much of the following information as possible. This will help us to correctly identify and investigate issues caused by our service.

Please include the following:

  • Full screenshots that include the url
  • Any errors in the Javascript Console (See How to take a screenshot of the Javascript Console)
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue
  • Browser version being used and IP Address (WhatsMyBrowser.com and WhatsMyIp.com are 3rd Party sites that can be used to gather this information)
  • Does using a different browser, Chrome's Incognito Mode, and/or disabling all extensions/plugins change the behavior? If so, which have been tried and what were the changes in behavior?
  • What OS and Version is your computer? Could you recreate the issue using another computer? Please include the OS and version of that computer as well.
  • Are you behind a VPN, Firewall, or other network security? Is it possible to try another network, possibly from your cellular browser if your phone is not on the same wifi? If you do not experience the issue on another network, you will want to reach out to your IT department to allow all traffic to/from our site including all assets. Contact Support for information on specific addresses to allow. 
  • Has this worked in the past? If so, when did the problem start occurring?


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