Why Do My Audience Numbers Drop At The Beginning Of Every Month?

This article explains when Web and Mobile Channels are deactivated and removed from a project's billing. Channels represent the various devices, users, and addresses that make up your audience.

To prevent an account from being billed for inactive users, each project is set up to automatically deactivate/uninstall Mobile and Web notification Channels after a period of inactivity.

A Channel is considered inactive and is automatically deactivated from the Airship Service when it has not issued a Registration Event to Airship during the applicable Deactivation Period which is 12 months.

Registration Events are calls to the Airship Service by the Airship SDK or an Airship API that indicate activity from the webpage or mobile application managed by the Airship Service. Registration Events typically occur on app opens or web page visits.

How this process takes place:

  • Once a month our system reviews the last registration date for all active Channels.
  • Each Channel whose last registration date exceeds the Deactivation Period will be deactivated and marked as uninstalled and will no longer count towards the project's addressable user count in the next billing cycle.
  • This process runs once a week each month for a given calendar month so most Channels will be removed on the first week of each month where you will see the most significant drop in users, and additional Channels might be removed in the following weeks during that month.
  • Once a Channel is deactivated and uninstalled, data associated with that Channel (other than data included in aggregated metrics or reports, records of opt-in or opt-out status, or data retained for legal compliance purposes) is deleted.
  • If a user whose Channel has been uninstalled reopens the app within a short period of time afterward, the Channel will be reactivated. If they reopen the app at a later date they will get a new Channel ID and be added to the addressable users as a new device.


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