What is the static IP address of go.airship.com?

The IP address of our API endpoint at https://go.urbanairship.com/api is dynamic and will change at any time without warning due to the distributed and global architecture of our edge network.  Customers cannot consistently rely on a given underlying IP address that is resolved from go.airship.com, please rely on our https://go.urbanairship.com hostname for all of your access requests.

Allowlisting a range of addresses is not effective

At the DNS level, go.urbanairship.com represents thousands of individual edge nodes distributed across the Internet.  Your traffic is likely to be routed to different edge nodes and the actual IP addresses of all of our nodes are on different networks and are non-contiguous.  This makes allowlisting a range of addresses not effective. 

If you need to allowlist go.airship.com

If you need to allowlist go.urbanairship.com as part of internal organizational security policies, and do not need any sort of address persistence, here are a few ideas which may work in your environment:

  • The best option is to create your Access Control List rule using our hostname of go.airship.com
  • It is possible to automate the changing nature of go.airship.com IP addresses.  It is possible to do so by:
    1.   Allowlist the current IP address on your firewall or proxy server
    2.   Automate a DNS lookup of go.airship.com (via cron or other means).
    3.   Do something when it changes. This may include alerting your administrators or automatically modifying ACLs.
  • Your proxy may be able to pass SSL traffic based on a hostname-based directive.


What if the above suggestions don't help?

Contact your Account Manager if a specific list of IP Addresses are needed. These can be provided at an additional cost.

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