How Do I See the Performance for Localized Messages?


Note: This article is only about messages with localization enabled. Please contact support if the message report does not appear for a message without localization.


Where can I find my message statistics if the report does not appear?

If your message contains localized content, the report button won't appear after the message is sent:




In that case, there are two options to check the statistics of your message:

  1. From messages overview

    - Click on Expand and you'll see your global statistics, left to the options menu:


    - Note that these are global statistics and contain all types of messages it contains (push, rich push..)


  2. From Activity Log

    - Under Messages in the main menu and look for Activity Log:


    - This will redirect you to the Activity Log page.

    - Find your message (change the search window if needed)

    - Detailed statistics will appear in the columns:



For technical reasons, statistics per channels are not available.

Please feel free to contact our Support team if you have any additional questions.



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