Why does my Audience get decayed/reduced on its own every month?

Airship automatically helps keep your project audience fresh by using a system we refer to as “decay”. By default, we set the decay period on each project to be 12 months, which means that when it has been more than 12 months since we’ve seen a device, we will remove it from that project’s addressable audience. 

How is this actually performed?

Every week on Tuesday, Airship initiates a batch process to identify if there are any devices that need to be decayed on customer projects based on the project’s current decay setting and the last registration date on each device. 

If the job finds any eligible devices, it marks those devices as uninstalled as of 23:59:00 on the last day of the previous month. This removes these devices not only from the project’s future addressable audience but also from its billable audience.

This process may take several days to complete its run across all projects, and repeats each week to ensure that we have accounted for any changes to decay settings or errors by the end of the month. As a result, customers usually notice the largest audience impacts from the first run of the process each month.

If you would like to adjust your Airship project’s decay setting to be shorter (minimum of 4 months) or longer (maximum of 24 months), please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.


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