Why is my Device Token or Channel ID inactive?


If you are using the Airship SDK, the device's active (opt-in) status will be updated each time the app is opened through a registration call from the SDK to Airship.


If you are not using the Airship SDK we recommend the following:

  • Use our Channel Listing API regularly to check for inactive Device Tokens.
  • Stop pushing to Device Tokens that are inactive. 

If you believe the device should be active please thoroughly check the items below:

How device tokens get marked as inactive: 

  1. Apple rejected a Device Token for your app upon receipt of a notification to that token at their servers. This will display an error message in your Airship Go Dashboard Error Console. For more information please read Rejected Device Tokens
  2. Apple reports that the app was uninstalled from the device and that the token is no longer valid via Apple's feedback service.
  3. We receive an explicit uninstall call on the Channel ID, which marks the channel as inactive and clears the alias and any associated tags. Uninstallation is handled automatically by our SDK and push systems. If an end-user opens their app after this API marks the device as “uninstalled”, it will automatically be set as “active” and “installed” again. This API is only useful for very specific scenarios. Before using this API endpoint, it is recommended that you first contact Airship Support or your Account Manager to discuss your plans and intended use of this API endpoint.
  4. If the Device Token was created when iOS 6 was installed and the device has since updated to iOS 7. The old Device Token is rejected by Apple because the device now has a new app-specific iOS 7 device token. To check your current Device Token, please see How to retrieve device tokens.
  5. The device opts-out of push via the Airship library or through the iOS system push settings.


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